A unique NFT collection of Chickens with amazing features, developed exclusively on the TON blockchain. We begin!



Story - 2 times a week we will publish one part of the story to acquaint you with the world of Chickens and find out together with you what happened in their cozy world.
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The crypto-NFT lottery project is the first large independent lottery project on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. Unlike the well-known lotteries on other blockchains, we have brought a couple of innovations to this project and one of them is an automatic NFT lottery. Chicken holders will receive discounts and a percentage of the lottery's net profit.
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Mobile Game

P2E is a 2D mobile game of the artillery genre. Does everyone remember the world-famous Worms game? We are making the same exciting game in the world of Chickens with an internal market, pumping, buying/selling real estate and renting Chickens. The entrance to the game will be available to the holders of the collection and for those who rent a Chicken.

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